Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of World Without Walls online?

We intend to develop a website based on the technology and principles of wikipedia. We will develop a very simple site which will allow people from all around the world to upload details about their social action programmes. They will be able to record their vision, their partnership ,their resources, their achievements, and also their needs. From this basic database we will in time develop a new World without Walls website that will be like a one stop shop promoting overseas development. This site might in time become the definitive site used by those who see themselves a social entrepreneurs.

My organisation isn’t involved in any partnerships!

This 'phase' if World Without Walls focuses on getting responses from as many voluntary and public sector organisations as possible to collate into our survey - including those without an existing partnership. So if you have just a few moments to spare, we would love for you to still complete our survey in order to help us build a demographic of those engaged in overseas partnerships, and those who are not.

Our organisation has a number of overseas partnerships - should we register all of them?

Of course! There is no limit to the number of partnerships you can register, and ultimately we aim to build an accurate picture of all organisations' partnerships for our survey. You don't need to add them all at once - you can add and edit your partnerships at any time.

Can I get others to sign up and help me complete my organisation’s survey?

Yes, you can. Simply have your colleagues register and use the "search existing organisations" function to find your organisation. Once they have requested to join your organisation on World Without Walls, you simply need to accept (or decline!) their request via the control panel.

Can I register/contribute to more than one organisation?

Yes, World Without Walls offers support for members to be part of multiple organisations. All organisations that you are assigned to will appear in your control panel.

I want to delete a project from the site - how do I do it?

At present, members cannot delete projects they have created. If you would like a project permanently removed from the site, please contact us. In the meantime, setting your project's status to "CLOSED" (in section 3 of the project survey form) will prevent it from appearing publicly on the website.