Our Background

As Christians we believe that God has called the Church to be the agent to bring about peace and reconciliation in the world. This was emphasised at the first great Missionary Conference in Edinburgh in 1910. Archbishop Temple the then Archbishop of Canterbury, described it as ” the great new fact of our time” – a truly worldwide Christian Church. Temple was referring to the fact that many people were coming to recognise that the Church as a global identity has much to say to a world that is broken apart by injustice and poverty. To be effective the church has to become a church without walls.

It is impossible to talk of a Church Without Walls however without understanding our relationship to the world Church. This was highlighted in the 2001 report of the Special Commission on Anent Review and Reform to the General Assembly if the Church of Scotland. This report became known as the Church Without Walls Report.

It suggested risk taking must be at the heart of the local church. Too often we view each other across the parish boundaries with deep suspicion. Church Without Walls invites us all to become more interdependent on one another. It invites us to share resources and own common goals and values and work across community, parish and denominational boundaries,in order to be effective churches and Christians.

We need to begin breaking down the walls that exist among ourselves at a local level. We have a global commission and a local mission and both of these will only take root when we hold fast for the unity of the Church not only of Scotland but the Church in Scotland and the Church worldwide.

It has been this vision that has inspired us to continue to find a way to keep the World Without Walls project alive. World without Walls has emerged through different phases from linking partnerships through training and technology, to sending out individuals to continue to develop and nurture these relationships. This phase finished in 2010.

We are now at a stage when we once again wish to explore the use of technology to further develop and enhance the work that many small groups are doing often in an unrelated manner.

In this new phase of World Without Walls we are seeking to find a way to enable a greater number of organisation who are involved with overseas development to be aware of each others work and to find ways in which they can collaborate.

Why Get Involved?

The site has been designed to help advertise the international development work that is being funded from many sources all around Scotland. In particular we are interested to discover how many churches, schools and clubs in Scotland have overseas connections or partnerships.

We would like to see this site being used in the future by potential donors. It is our hope that as the information on the site increases, World Without Walls will become one of the first ports of call when an organisation or a group are looking for a charitable cause to support.

We also believe that by collating information on this site from across Scotland we will enable charities to discover areas of collaboration and become more informed about the extent of the support Overseas development has at grassroots levels in Scotland.

World Without Walls continues to be developed out of St Andrew’s Church of Scotland Bo’ness.
This particular initiative has been funded by Branches a small business in Bo’ness that donates all its profits to charitable causes. In 2001 Branches were among the first to financially support the Vine Trust when they placed their first medical ship in the Amazon in 2002-2003.


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